Richard de Klerk as Joe

Richard de Klerk Born in Vancouver British Columbia, has always been an astute observer, part of the basis for his unique acting talent. Richard has appeared alongside some of the industries biggest names including Alan Rickman, Stana Katic, Andie MacDowell, and David Bowie to name a few.

Over the past decade Richard has had his features screen at renowned film festivals around the world including the Toronto International Film Festival, Pusan, Moscow, and Hertfordshire International Film Festival in the UK where he won best actor for his leading role in the critically acclaimed film "Part of the Game".

Richard is known for his incredible range and ability to shift looks playing anything from wholesome small town writer "Cole", to an unhinged former drug addict in "Repeaters". He has been nominated multiple times for his roles by the Leo's, one of Canada's highest honors.

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